This cabochon now has a bezel and is part of soul juice musings from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

Soul Juice Musings From the Road

It’s good for our soul to create with our hands.

This card launched additional soul juice musings for Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

The Crafter’s Box,  a monthly subscription for those who love to make, included this card in the May delivery. I agree. I believe making things connects each of us in a deeper way and elevates the world.

The May Crafter’s Box project captivated me with its lush embroidery thread and hand-crafted linen bag. My roots, from childhood, include needlework. So, with the resonance clear, I signed on.

In general, my practice is to take beadwork with me when I travel. Little bags of tiny projects help me count the miles on a roadtrip. When I return I finalize my pieces as needed: polish, mount, add design elements.

My husband drives, I bead and we listen to a book on tape. Here’s a before and after from a recent 2,000-mile outing to Missouri to celebrate my Mother’s 90th birthday.

This photo by KD Photography is of Coletta Merrigan, age 90.
©2018, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Coletta Merrigan, Photo by KD Photography

This bag of related beads 

This bag of related beads is part of Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque's soul juice musings

Morphed into a few lanyards…

These lanyards were made on a road trip, part of soul juice musings from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.
©2018, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Lanyards

Some cabochons came together to include their bezels.

Others will be translated into pieces of a bead weaving or used as embellishment in another project.

©2018, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Beaded Swarowski Crystal

During my next trip I’ll work on floral embroidery – a linen utility bag and a knitted, embellished tank – the May Crafter’s Box project. Part of my authentic self loves handwork. My introduction to beads in 2007 launched my blog and newsletter, Soul Juice.

Soul Juice musings. Yes, it’s good for my soul to create with my hands. How will you honor your soul?

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