This necklace with its brightly colored enamel leaves is a memory keeper from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

Memory Keepers Frame Personal Treasures

Treasure Necklace inspired my love affair with beads. A collection of 32 precious charms hold memory keepers, my life story.

My very own treasure necklace resonates with my story. It wasn’t the first time I was smitten with wearing pieces meaningful to me. During one period of challenges, my fascination with angels launched a collection of wall pieces and wearables.

When I apply the power of symbols to my maker efforts, I sense an alignment with truth, a shift to a deeper purpose as I share what moves me with the world.

The power of feminine energy in my circles of community seems to focus on such truth. Wordsmith Evelyn Asher  is a touchstone for resilience to women through her third act coaching. Alchemist Elizabeth Locey shares her take on transformative life and business guidance from an akashic record, an oracle perspective. Yin Arising facilitator Bobbye Middendorf encourages others to cultivate a grounded sense of inner self trust and use the hashtag #SacredPlay, #Serious Play. In each case, the energy of self-expansion comes from within.

My inspiration is spontaneous, almost always playful. Hand-made enamel leaves at an artisan swap call to me. The beauty of fall is captured in a jasper necklace that communicates volumes about growth, seasons, nature and color.

From the same swap I added lapis and turquoise bears to my stash. The charms formed from these pieces reflect a perspective of simplicity and strength.

“Mother Nature is our teacher—reconnecting us with Spirit, waking us up and liberating our hearts. When we can transcend our fear of the creatures of the forest, then we become one with all that is; we enter a unity of existence with our relatives—the animals, the plants and the land that sustains us.” ― Sylvia Dolson, Joy of Bears

These and other memory keepers are part of my Symbols and Treasures collection. They honor the joy I find in up-cycling, in threading a creation with meaning, and in presenting one-of-a-kind offerings that resonate with like-minded souls.

How will you honor your memory keepers?

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