This metalwork made by Mary Ellen Merrigan is a part of her thank you tribute and represents harmony and gratitude.

Tired feet, full heart! A thank you tribute.





Much obliged.

Thank you.

I am all gratitude.

Thank you to all who participated in, all who offered well wishes, and those who have followed up the 15th annual Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour. This was my eighth year to be a part of the event. Many of my fellow participants have become friends during the course of our involvement. I love and appreciate that. My gratitude encompasses every part of the weekend.

First and foremost, thank you to those supporters of local art who stopped by, talked with us, admired our work, made a purchase, or otherwise caused this event to be successful.

Thank You for the Little Things that made this tour work

I appreciate the hundreds of little things that contributed to this weekend’s fun experience:

  • my husband who drove to my location with more water, my forgotten name tag, picked up dinner and otherwise supported my participation in the event.
  • the many members of the Bead Society, Collaborheartists, and other circles, who dropped by to say hello. I feel buoyed and encouraged by my peers. It is appreciated.
  • Mother (who lives in another state) mentioned her brother saw pictures of my jewelry on Facebook. Is that fun?
  • Lynda Burch shared her home with Barbara Lewis and me
  • Other artists referred people to us for specific questions, for special products and more. Thanks to all those who made me what I am and what I make today. Kristin, my metalwork instructor, I hope those two students I referred to you sign up for your class!
  • Some of our sponsors stopped by. Their support allowed us to make a stronger showing with ads and signs for this year’s tour. Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without them.
  • When I think of the work that went into the effort, I’m humbled. It takes all of us doing our part. So, here’s a shout out of gratitude to all who volunteer.
  • Thanks to Kate Fry who went with me to  promote the event on tv. Thanks to KRQE and KASA Fox 2 for having us. Thanks to Marianne and Marta who brought their art to my house so we could take it with us to the show.
  • A number of members of Art in the School, the charitable organization that we chose to support this year stopped by. It was good to see them. Thank you to my fellow artisans who agreed to support Art in the School, and thanks to Art in the School for active support.

More than 300 people came through our doors. Old friends. Neighbors. Peers. Students. Well-wishers. One of my guests will be in a mixed media class with me during the coming month. Others inquired about upcoming beading and mixed media classes that I will be teaching or attending.

Thank you – the two most important words in the English language

To all of you: please accept my best thanks. It was so awesome of you to come, to inquire, to think about this event, to read this post. I appreciate your your time, your kindness, and you. I look forward to our future collaboration.

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