November Trunk Show Emphasizes Symbols & Treasures

Join me 11am – 6pm Friday, November 9, 2018 for a trunk show at Silk Road Connection.

My latest work takes front and center stage as I gather symbols and treasures for your journey. You’ll see necklaces with unconventional combinations and vintage elements such as charms or hand-made findings that are hard to replace.

Indulge your bling fever

A story series of mine in turquoise blue benefits from large, faceted glass rounds. The A/B finish on these beads mean that a variety of colors swirl into the finish: smooth carmel browns, deep electric blues and nature’s most soothing green. Wear one or wear all three together.

See this bling fever trio at the trunk show from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.
© 2018, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bling Fever Trio

Honor your inner perfectionist with attention to detail

A series of metalwork sessions have spurred me to add details such as hand-made clasps to my pieces. In many cases, I indulge my love of mixed metal. Frequently I add a specific charm to the closing, which often serves a dual purpose as a detailed decoration as well as a practical extension to allow the piece to serve at different lengths. In this earlier post I talked about my propensity to intrepretation: “So not your mother’s pearls.”

Celebrate new and traditional bead interpretations

My love of needle and thread lease me to experiment with fine seed beads. These four rectangular turquoise cabochons combine with copper and turquoise beads for a beautiful and larger presentation.

Turquoise, the birthstone of December, is often recognized as a stone of protection. In Native American legends, it is the “fallen sky stone,” which may explain why turquoise is more precious than gold in many native cultures.

This necklace with its bead weaving of turquoise and copper is part of the symbols and treasures collection for the trunk show from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque November 9th at Silk Road Connection.
© 2018, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Turquoise and Copper Emphasis

Another, more traditional necklace version of green turquoise includes orange spine oyster jumbo disks. Paired with sterling silver, this makes a memorable impression.

This traditional interpretation of turquoise and spiney oyster disks is part of a trunk show presentation by Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque at Silk Road Connection.
© 2018, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Turquoise and Spiney Oyster Disks

These are but a few of many beauties I’ll be sharing at my trunk show. Here are the important details:

Who: Mary Ellen Beads 

What: Trunk Show – and just in time for the Holidays

Where: Silk Road Connection | 5200 Eubank NE Ste. E-6 | Albuquerque, NM  87111

When: 11am – 6pm, Friday November 9, 2018

Look for a selection of lanyards (doesn’t everyone need one for the office these days?) as well as other adornments perfect for creative, heart-centered women.

If you’ve been to one of my trunk shows, then you know there are always surprises. Come early. Stay to visit with me and Berdel, the presiding friendly dame of Silk Road Connection. We’re planning a fun day!

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