This bracelet with its heart clasp symbolizes a gratitude list from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque..

Gratitude List: Thank you for a Wonderful Year

“Unless you feel your own heart, you won’t know which gesture is kindness.” –Susan Piver

Gratitude permeates the thinking, the wording, the air, at Thanksgiving. I’m grateful to celebrate with the rest of the world and publicly give thanks. It’s one thing to keep a gratitude journal but quite another to publicly review your year and acknowledge you’re humbled by a multitude of blessings.

People Make a Difference – Thanks for the connections!

The list of people to whom I shout out is long.

There are the special circles with whom I make things: Collaborheartists, Bead Society of New Mexico, the Placitas group, the needlepoint group, my second Monday group, to name a few. 

I have gratitude for my accountability partners: Evelyn, Nina, Bobbye, Anahata, Rachelle and Karen. Your support during the past year and previous ones has been invaluable. Thank you. 

Friends from near and afar connect me to my 2018 years. Couples my husband Harris and I met for lunch or dinner or some small get together added special touches to my days: Ann and Steve, Brigitte and Steve, Karen and Chris, Margie and Gary, Priscilla and David. 

Family is an integral part of people. It’s been my practice to talk with my siblings who live across the U.S. once a month. I’m thankful we connect and I appreciate the time we spend together even more so because we’re apart. Yes, we always talk more frequently at the holidays and I’m glad of that. Thanks everyone! It means a lot.

Purpose Makes a Difference – Grateful for intentions

My theme this year, Heart and Hand, caused me to look closely at maker elements. Read more in this post, Annual Theme is Her Story. The joy of creating with my hands can’t be underestimated. I enjoy sharing these creations with the world. That people buy my art when I have so much joy in its making causes me to want to pinch myself to see if it’s real.

My shows hold a special place in the year’s summary. I’m thankful for great clients, many of whom I saw more than once this year at the Annual Sandia Heights Artists Tour in September, or, during one of my trunk shows at Silk Road Connection. In addition, I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in a private show at the metal studio where I shared my new works with other metalheads.

I reveled in making this year, expanding my art with various classes, increasing my knowledge of techniques and challenging myself to stay out of the comfort zone.

PMC|Metal|Clay Classes

  • Precious Metal Clay
  • Reposse
  • Beginning metalwork
  • Continuing metalwork
  • Roller Printing
  • Polymer Clay
  • Tin


  • Beaded Beads
  • Dutch Spiral
  • Kumihimo
  • Spiral

Crystal Crush – about stones and their meanings


  • Writing Deep and Wild
  • Living Deep and Wild

The Crafter’s Box

  • Embroidery

Sharing with Purpose – Teaching

In addition to taking classes I taught classes, mostly in the beading arena: mindful beading, apoxie clay, and crochet necklace were some of my presentations. I’m blessed to experience private classes and to have completed a number of custom pieces. Thank you for those connections and opportunities.

I continued a concentration on social media through UNMCE, teaching marketing with social media. I also brought that specialty to Art Unraveled for the second year.  I realized my joy is fueled with maker activity, and I’ve chosen to concentrate even more on creating as I go forward.

As the year draws to a close, I’m grateful for my many opportunities and experiences. As I look back at the year and the list, I realize I’ve honored the ongoing 2018 theme of heart and hand and in our ever-more-serious world play is more important than ever.

Playful Combinations and Conclusions – THX

Does this mean a new theme of playful heart for 2019? Could be. Meanwhile, I’m counting my blessings, giving thanks, and looking at the ongoing list to see what I’ve missed. Thank you for reading this far and cheering me on.

How will you celebrate your blessings this Thanksgiving?

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