This upcycled Altoid box represents Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque's theme for a year.

Inspire Your Best Year Yet: How to Create a Theme for a Year

Do you set goals? What about New Year’s resolutions? Why not create a theme for a year?

After years of experience with goals and resolutions, I’ve found a theme for a year creates a new way of living into my focus. A theme, the umbrella for the year, supersedes goals. It forms a rudder for progress. 

Using themes for the past 15 years has given me a pathway to evolve. I find I more easily relate to the person I choose to become using themes.

My themes for several of those years have connected with heart and heart-centered, creative living. Each theme provides a general focus that helps me set boundaries and expand my horizons.

In previous posts I’ve talked about themes, including my own. Read more in “Embrace the Question,” “Add Focus with Theme,” or “Annual Theme is HerStory.

Readers of this blog can download my e-book about Themes here. (No registration required.)

The e-book includes a discussion of five different ways you can pick your theme. As a bonus, it also gives documents a short workshop session in which you illustrate your theme. Because I know it can be challenging to even think about such things, there is an audio centering included with the workshop.

Download the Ebook: Inspire Your Best Year Yet

I invite you to download your copy of this e-book (Theme for a Year Ebook Link) for yourself and then set a theme you can live into for this year.

Let me know how it goes.

These seven boxes were produced by participants during a Theme for a Year workshop by Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

Seven of us experimented with creating a theme. Using up-cycled Altoid tins, each participant made a box to showcase their theme for the year. Our intentions were similar but our creations were dramatically different.

Create your theme for a year! Download my free ebook to discover how and go for it. Theme for a Year Link: 

2 thoughts on “Inspire Your Best Year Yet: How to Create a Theme for a Year”

  1. Hi Mary Ellen,
    Truly enjoyed your talk at WMAD today. I’ve been creating themes for the past five years or so. For this year, I kept thinking of commitment and discipline and it was totally NOT juicy. Then, the word “unstoppable” came to me and ooh wee….
    I’m inspired by your journey of expanding yourself through creativity and feel that’s what my heart has been calling for, but I keep tabling it.
    Looking forward to reading your newsletters and using your example to anchor my theme, having it support my goals and expand my self-expression!
    Thank you 🙂

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