This freeform bead weaving bracelet demonstrates the place of no pattern for Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

The Place of No Pattern

The place of no pattern encourages experimentation.

One thread weaves together bead commonalities. Similarities in size, shape and color can be more appreciated when contrasted with the differences.

White beads with a tiny blue stripe add a hint of interest. Clear cobalt blue Czech glass beads add pops of color. The primary colors of blue and white white set a definitive tone that interests with turquoise in a surprising pop of color. Turquoise beads lined with white mix with turquoise matte and turquoise shiny Delica beads. 

As the layers intersect, the medley of loosely organized beads shapes into a wide cuff, a statement kind of bracelet.

The idea grew from a class offered by Claire Sweeney for the Bead Society of New Mexico. She encouraged participants to let the beads lead and offered small packets of bead appetizers to pique interest and curiosity.

Other bracelets with no pattern command attention, such as this one called the Caterpillar.

Happy place. The place of no pattern has few boundaries, expectations, or pre-conceived designs. Random placements offer new connections. Like a trail of breadcrumbs that leads to a secret destination, the place of no pattern commands attention. Resistance is futile. The beads will lead.

Where will you go in the place of no pattern?

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