This resin project consisted of a cat-themed bracelet, earrings and ring.

Resin Project Rocks Creativity

Projects that rock the creativity scale intrigue me because they provide joy-filled moments in time. I find undertakings such as the resin project are usually simple, quick and totally enjoyable. That was my experience with using resin for my Secret Santa gift.

I laughed in delight when I drew the name of a fellow cat lover. How purr-fect. Thoughts of a cat jewelry series came immediately to mind. Not museum treasures, but fun pieces filled with whimsey.

A meeting of the Bead Society of New Mexico had placed resin front and center in my mind. Then, a class using techniques presented by Kate Keefe and Debbie West Miles re-ignited my awareness of resin as a creative option.

Like many creatives, I find that my attention span is short, sometimes called out by distractions. Instead of judging that quality in a dismissive way, I find I can indulge it in short spurts and satisfy my quest for new.

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”

-Brene Brown

Not every project must be benchmarked against a competition.

© 2019, Mary Ellen Merrigan Extras from Cat-themed Resin Pour

In the studio, a mold of various sizes of cat faces called and I began to inlay materials for my resin project: fish eyes, wire bits for whiskers and mouth, sequins and metallic glaze for sparkle. Everything was bead-related and ready for the resin pour.

Cat earrings featured paper cats, one black, one white. A bonus ring held one of my prize cat charms – the one in which the cat dangles precariously from a high wire.

The cat heads had to set up before they could be drilled and attached to jump ring connectors. There was time to consider which one would be first, second, and so on. Because I’d poured a couple of molds over a few days, I had plenty to choose from. 

Not only did my cat project ignite creativity, I gave me great joy to anticipate the reaction my Secret Santa as she opened her gift. Giving jewelry to a fellow maker can be a challenge, but in this case, I knew my Secret Santa enjoyed life fully and would appreciate the fun behind her gift.

My love of resin began in 2015 when I was introduced to Ice Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmir. Read about some of my resin adventures in this post, Joy in Ice Resin Art.

What opportunities will you take today to go all out with your creative project?

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