Rant on Rivets

My love affair with metal continues and is enhanced with rivets, little eyelets, or wires, or pieces of metal that connect other metal pieces make my day.

This whimsical necklace showcases the variety of my playful romance with silver, brass and copper (and, of course, beads):

  • The patina of metal changes when dipped  into a liquid liver of sulphur
  • Juxtapose bling with semi-precious beads and voila! What’s not to like?
  • Sterling silver has been combined with other metals like copper and brass
  • Onesie earrings can be recycled
  • Multiple combinations reveal endless creative challenges and encourage play, play, play

I spent the better part of a Tuesday playing with rivets under the tutelage of Phyllis Martin-Rennie, owner of Sew Bedazzled.

© 2020, Mary Ellen Merrigan Rivet Play

Snip or saw, hammer, file, texture, combine. Repeat. The more I experimented, the more ideas I managed. What a perfect way to use disparate pieces of jewelry. Upcycling appeals to my senses and my cents.

After a few days during which my ideas simmered, I created an animating birthday necklace for Rachelle, a friend of many years. Here are the charms the personalized necklace holds:

  • The open copper chain contributes to the airiness of this necklace and complements the casual everyday effect I chose.
  • A center puzzle piece represents Rachelle’s ongoing curiosity about all manner of things. The keyhole dangles was chosen because my dear friend’s special way of looking at the world unlocks a plethora of ideas, projects and opportunities. The whimsical eye dangling from the bottom is an addition from my stash to help “ward off evil.”
  • A seashell charm stands for Rachelle’s move from the mountains to the seashore.
  • The sterling silver butterfly is a salute to the many transformations she’s managed. When I checked google for butterfly meanings, I found this: “Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.”
  • Turquoise, Rachelle’s current favorite color, is woven throughout the piece with a variety of beads, turquoise chips and Swarovski crystal elements
  • I included one of my resin sun charms (with turquoise microbeads, dangling from a turquoise bit) to reflect the positive outlook and disposition she “resinates.”
  • Naturally, a heart with a spiral graces one of the brass squares. My fascination with all things heart-related influences nearly everything I create these days.
  • Because Rachelle has always owned dogs, an “I Love Dogs” charm hangs proudly on one end. (Along with the prerequisite bottle of merlot for celebrations and a charm for shopping).
  • The star riveted to a brass piece reflects Rachelle is the star of this presentation.
  • The concluding charm which dangles from the adjustable chain is a special Artist’s palette that honors my friend’s ongoing quest for creativity.

“If you are riveted by something, it fascinates you and holds your interest completely.”

-Collins English Dictionary.

Which charm catches your eye? Does this qualify as an example of my metal-over-the-top love? In all, there are 14 different charm combinations, more than 9 rivets, a dozen Swarovski blings and a priceless personalization of belated birthday love. 

How will you use creativity expression that mirrors your passion?

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