How to Find Meaning in Simplicity

Simple handmade chain links of sterling silver are priceless. Profound truths are enshrined in their simplicity.

When I concentrate on the making, I notice what I notice:

  • The making sequence that varies slightly includes saw, solder, clean, hammer, patina, assemble. Building a chain is about repetition, mindfulness. Just as beading the simplest of items, stretch bracelets, for example, is about mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness matters because it engages the power of attention and intention for the process.
  • Individual imperfections shine in the assemblage of each oblong piece of metal. Each like and all of its different nuances matter. Some links are slightly longer or wider than others. All links are important to the whole.
  • Character emerges in darkness, light, and the shadows. Character is unpredictable, special in each detail, individual, and a source of interest to the eye.
  • A thread of consistency surfaces as round jump rings, notable for their symmetry, connect each of the silver sequences.
  • My love of hand work shines through the finished composition, representing a body of work made with love and pure intent.

A triangular piece of lapis lazuli, the focal for this necklace, is ensconced in asymmetrical sterling silver prongs that complement the natural shape of the stone. Each prong was soldered to the frame outline, hammered, then shaped and filed. 

My lapis stone is rich with flecks of gold pyrite, a mineral known for its creativity stimulus. 

According to Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones, lapis conjures up these words —  inner vision, truthful communication and royal virtues. 

Centuries ago, the ancient Egyptians revered lapis. They used it to make statues of the gods and to decorate burial masks such as that of King Tut.

Today lapis is the birthstone of those born in the month of February.

My necklace of simple handmade chain links reminds me about creating with meaning and plumbing the depths of simplicity. Once again engagement with my hands mirrors the significance of the effort.

How can you use a simple act such as repetition simple chain links to add significant meaning in your life?

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