For All Seasons

A love of stitching creates an invisible thread that weaves us together. The Needlepoint Circle. From different backgrounds, places and occupations, we barely know each other, yet there is a deep bond formed from a tactile place, strengthened with a recognition of making. Needlepoint for all seasons.

In monthly get-togethers at each others’ home, members of our group share tips and techniques. Some embroider on canvas without a frame. Others use a variety of tools, threads, and stitches to complete projects large and small.

The shelter-in-place order (which suspended our meetings) caused me to re-discover a large needlepoint project I abandoned more than 20 years ago. “For All Seasons,” the title of the piece, is a message that continues to resonate. After many years, I still loved the scene — four hearts, one for each season, graced with silhouettes of people.

Without hesitation, I issued a challenge to the needlepoint circle to harness completion energy. I set about concentrating on the final four to five inches of the 20.5” x 22” project. Unanticipated were the challenges: thread that was no longer strong, stitches I had forgotten, and space the floor frame needed to occupy in my living room. I persisted.

The gift of a worldwide pandemic unfolded a new appreciation of time and occupations that seem to slow time’s passing. Some years ago, I coined a mantra for my needlepoint. “With every stitch I take, I become more balanced.” Balance and sanity and a recognition of the value of heART renewed as I stitched most evenings.

Given the size of the project, I found I needed to whip-stitch the rolled canvas to the top/bottom dowels in order to hold it tight. Twice I pulled the stitches out and unrolled the canvas further to move to its end. 

Originally, I’d not planned to stitch the title at the bottom. A growing sense of pride as I worked through the final openings caused me to graph and stitch a signature into the piece I still loved, a piece with a special message for today.

Completion. It’s underestimated. (NOTE: Last year I completed another needlepoint project, albeit a smaller one, as I finished needlepoint ornaments for my family. Once again I shared with the Needlepoint Circle. Read more here.)

What project is calling you this season?

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