Virtual Tour Highlights Hand-Made Chain

Each piece of jewelry is personal, meaningful. 

My unusual treatment of ordinary elements creates pieces that beg to be worn. The work is detailed, sometimes whimsical, always one-of-a-kind, and frequently a conversation starter.

The following creations are specifically profiled for the Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour, a virtual tour September 12-13, 2020 due to Covid restrictions.

Catifact, A Cat Sarcophagus

The first in Mary Ellen’s backplate series, Catifact boasts a variety of techniques, including hand-crafted chain of yellow brass and sterling silver, enameled copper headpins, and several interesting cat beads, including cat monk, cat charm and cat head. The adjustable chain allows for multiple looks.

Catifact: $349.00

Royal Lapis Lazuli Triangle

A triangular piece of lapis lazuli, the focal for this necklace, is ensconced in asymmetrical sterling silver prongs that complement the natural shape of the stone. Each prong was soldered to the frame outline, hammered, then shaped and filed. 

My lapis stone is rich with flecks of gold pyrite, a mineral known for its creativity stimulus. 

According to Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones, lapis conjures up these words —  inner vision, truthful communication and royal virtues. 

Royal Lapis Lazuli Triangle: $290.00

Sea Riot

A continued love affair with needle, thread and seed beads produced Sea Riot, a bead embroidery work of art that hangs from vintage chain.

Sea Riot: $190.00


Some maintain that uncertainty contributes to a short attention span. I find myself responding with objects that fascinate and tell a story. This necklace does all of that artfully and completely using vintage chain and a combination of up cycled and found objects. One of my favorites is the authentic 70’s style harmonica that hangs in the center and represents joy.

Paraphernalia: $170.00

Chrysocolla Trade Bead Homage

The stone which governs the flow of energy and communication, chrysocolla, gets paired with vintage African Trade Beads and oxidized, sterling silver hand-made chain.

Chrysocolla Trade Bead Homage: $321.00

In addition to these five options, Mary Ellen will display a new selection of earrings and beaded necklaces.  

Mary Ellen will show her jewelry in outside locations at the home of Lynda Burch, 2880 Brushwood NE, Albuquerque, NM in accordance with covid guidelines. Masks are required. Sanitizer will be provided.

Twenty artists from Sandia Heights Artists will participate in this year’s tour. You can find more information about each participant and the manner in which they will handle displays at the website.

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