Co-Creating Unveils Meaningful Jewelry

When co-creating new doors open. Synergy flows. 

My long-time friend Bobbye brought to my attention the idea of making meaningful jewelry for her son’s birthday.

The beads she wanted to incorporate had been in the family. As she phrased it, “they’ve lived for some time in his grandmother’s jewelry box.” 

She emailed to me a picture of soft green sand cast beads that immediately called to my mind vintage trade beads. Burgundy lines illuminated with white highlights seemed perfect for leather and, of course, hand-crafted chain. As ideas swirled, I asked Bobbye to frame her son for me with three descriptive adjectives. 

Bobbye described a young man in the tech field, based abroad, six feet plus, who was friendly, hip, and insightful. Her overview included the fact that he was sensitive, surprising, and a bridge between the company and clients.

With those descriptors in mind, I pulled a few beads for consideration. When Bobbye arrived we paired her treasures bold African beads and ostrich spacers. “Yes!” to this, “No.” to that. We were so excited about our co-creating that Bobbye impulsively decided to add a second customized selection for her husband’s birthday gift.

Once our bead choices were finalized, I discovered the leather I’d planned to use was too thick to go through the bead center. Undaunted, I set off to find smaller round leather. A locally owned bead shop featured a perfect brown-black choice. 

Back in the studio, I formed links for chain extenders, hooks and tubed end caps. Creating hand-crafted chain allows me to reflect. Each piece is cut, soldered, formed and placed individually. There is no rushing.The process simply requires the time it takes.

My thoughts focused on the individuality of my chain links. Like people, each link is perfectly imperfect, strengthened by the links that surround and complement it. The individual link contributes immeasurably to the whole, making it complete, a reflection of maker energy.

With the joy of wearing jewelry comes meaning. How wonderful for Bobbye’s son and beloved husband to enjoy meaningful jewelry. Co-created with joy, loving attention, and pieces of meaningful jewelry from the past.

Synergy. In every case, synergy (one plus one is more than two!) makes my soul sing. This is it! If you want more information on customizing your one-of-a-kind gifts, please reach out.

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