For the Love of Hand-Crafted Chain

A pendant of Brazilian agate waits for its hand-crafted chain.

Will it be complete by Friday when I begin to set up for the 18th Annual Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour?

This marks the 10th year I’m participating in this dear-to-my-heart-neighborhood event. You’ll find me showing with my friend Lynda Burch, an acrylic and stamp collage artist.

As I inventory and pack my new body of work, I reflect on the change in materials and workmanship I’ve manifested. Although I hated the term “stringer” it aptly described my work for many years. I strung beads together with good design principles, and unique findings that I’d purchased and curated myself.

Three years into metalwork, I understand and more fully appreciate the artistry involved in customizing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. 

In fairness, a shift within me has shone a spotlight on my progress to date. It’s as if I have stepped into a comfortable pair of slippers that is so me I feel completely and utterly at home. I’ve come home to myself. My pieces resonate with craftsmanship, meaning and beauty.

This week’s show, today’s body of work, is a homage to hand-crafted chain. (In an earlier post, I discuss my first chain experience.) Each link speaks to the whole, and shapes the pageantry of its display. There’s no mistaking the individuality of a piece and no chance that you will find another exactly like it, even in this collection.

Yes, there are beaded elements in the show. Those wondrous embellishments are simply too good (and I have too many in my stash) to give up. What’s different about my beads now is that they live with hand-crafted chain extenders and detailed charm elements that wink knowingly at those who recognize and appreciate detail.

Join me this Saturday and Sunday, September 25-26, 10am – 5pm for a journey into the world of hand-crafted chain. Bracelets. Earrings. Necklaces. Did I mention there are also some slow-stitched talisman pouches and a few pieces of wall art particularly for this show?

I look forward to seeing you and sharing my passionate connection with metal. Maybe you have a dear-to-your-heart piece that could use a stunning hand-crafted chain. Let’s talk.

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