Celebrate Summer with Local Artisans at Silk Road Connection

Creativity is in the air and on display, June 24-25, 2022 at Silk Road Connection in The Promenade Shopping Center, Eubank at Spain NE.

We invite you to a one-of-a-kind event Mary Ellen & Friends at Silk Road Connection. Join Mary Ellen and six friends who are part of the creative jewelry/metalsmithing community of Kristin Diener Studio, where artists have a blast at all times. 

Silk Road Connection Details:

Friday evening June 24, 2022 5pm – 8pm

Saturday June 25, 2022, 11am – 4pm

Promenade Shopping Center, Eubank at Spain, NE, Albuquerque

You will discover an unprecedented delight of color and texture, presented in wearable art and treasured elements. Most of all, these seven individuals who produce this art have a blast at all times.

Be amazed and amused at the creativity from these studio mates. You’ll find collaboration, rather than competition at each table. Most of all, you’ll experience the joy each artist shares with you about their process, their materials and their art.

Each Monday over the past five years, Mary Ellen continually expanded her metalsmithing skills. She’s succumbed to the lure of hand-crafted chain. The metal love affair has resulted in necklaces, earrings and embellishments, so much so much that her beading has taken a back seat. She jokes that her “paper clip links” have increased in popularity this year as numerous big box stores advertise the paper clip pattern. 

In Mary Ellen’s exploration of the shape, each chain link is individually formed and soldered of red brass or sterling silver or both. Like individuals, small differences are celebrated. The light weight feel of hand-crafted chain belies the sturdiness of its construction and the substance of its appearance. 

Now, prone to wearing chain daily, Mary Ellen readily admits that hand-crafted chain has claimed a pre-eminent place in her wardrobe, effectively, consigning other jewelry to second place. Holly, one of her customers agrees, stating that she wears her ME chain daily with a different charm dangle.

Mary Ellen experiments weekly with new designs, that include prong set earrings of brilliant crystal and special gems that call out to be worn for an occasion or absolutely just because. Making is the art of play, play that celebrates the person and the making.

Will we see you there?

Come, experience this creativity. 

Celebrate summer with seven local artisans at Silk Road Connection June 24-25, 2022.

Come discover a special design that will dazzle you at this exceptional Silk Road Connection Mary Ellen. & Friends event.

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