Scrapper, the Show Up Process

Title: Scrapper #1R. A small sterling silver backplate hosts a whimsical concoction of my favorites – turquoise stone, trade beads, an infinity shape, a dangling chain link. “R” stands for revised. I’ve changed the handmade chain from which the backplate dangles twice. Because. I. can.

Handmade chain calls my name, resonates in my heart, dresses up anything, and spurs me to create more chain links. The mix of sterling silver and red brass, treated with a slight liver of Sulphur patina, is both natural and wearable in my eyes. And symbolic.

Like its name, Scrapper, this necklace represents perseverance, often in the face of odds. Scrapper reminds me that standing up for one-of-a-kind is important. No surprise.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you understand the sentiment: artist; independent; farmer’s daughter; the oldest child; the one with curly hair. Nothing about me or my life has fit nicely into a pre-packaged box with a general description.

Scrapper was a natural progression that occurred after I decided to play with my metal practice. Read about practice here. Like many jewelry pieces that I’ve made, the story must resonate for you, the wearer. Most of my customers express they love the updates, the tidbits, and stories long, short and improbable that I share.

It’s fun to share my process with you. I am more excited to announce that Mary Ellen and Friends are back, by popular demand, to show at the Promenade on November 11-12. It’s as if Scrapper #1R is the Show Up Process!

Silk Road Connection and La Casa Bella at the Promenade open their doors for five local artists who truly get hand-made and community. The artisans include Jessica deGruyter, Debbie West Miles, Emily Carmany, and Kate Keefe and me.

The five of us are part of the creative jewelry/metalsmithing community of Kristin Diener Studio. Come see what’s new.


Friday, November 11, 2022, 3pm – 6pm

Saturday, November 12, 2022, 11am – 4pm

Silk Road Connection and La Casa Bella at the Promenade

Eubank and Spain NE


Stop by. Ask me about Pyrite Power!

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