Daily Creative Practice Builds Magic

In his newsletter The Daily Creative, Todd Henry reframes creativity with questions such as 

  • Do you tend to ask courageous or cowardly what if questions? 
  • How can you be brave in your work today? 
  • Do you have people in your life who will speak the truth?

Henry’s advice, “Show up. Practice. Take small risks daily.” helps me focus on actions to put my work out in the world.  It’s a daily creative practice.

Some days, feeling unprepared or uninspired, I show up in the studio, set the timer, and begin my 90-minute making practice. 

Bundles of material, layers of paper, metal rounds of wire jump rings and chain links are all components that open the door to experimentation. 

My studio notebook holds an ongoing project list: hand-stitched greeting cards, scrappy metal combos, necklaces or bracelets that emphasize details and handmade goodness like cloth books. It’s my process to make in a series: three collages, five mixed chains with pendants, three handbound cloth books. 

A mix of projects serves me. For example, a foundational project such as handmade chain offers always-satisfying, repetitive work. I create individual links and interesting combinations of chain pieces. Other options like fiber book making requires a different concentration.

Through it all, my focus on intentional creativity allows me to be in action, on purpose and in practice. Daily creative practice is an ongoing part of putting my work into the world.

I invite you to see the output of my practice, my work, at Amapola Gallery, 205 Romero Street in Old Town Albuquerque, seven days a week, 10am – 5pm. The display is constantly replenished with new additions.

Come in. Take a peek at the results of my original one-of-a-kind work in sterling silver, red brass, and copper. View hand-stitched greeting cards for those special occasions on your calendar. Take this opportunity to enjoy my art along with the art of 39 other local members of this cooperative gallery. Have fun!

Then, ask yourself, “What might I do to implement a daily creative practice in my life?”

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