Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour: Glimpse of Preparation

Preparing for any jewelry show is somewhat daunting. During this year’s 20th annual Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour, I’ll be at stop #1, the home of water media artist and friend Lynda Burch. Plan your weekend – September 9-10, 2023 with the help of our tour map. You can download a pdf of the tour brochure from the SHA website.

Thanks to hardworking volunteers, the publicity for this year’s tour is already underway. I was fortunate to be a featured artist in this post.

High Desert Blues, an embellishment of mule deer antlers, (pictured here), is one of the intricate pieces I’m finishing for this special 20th anniversary tour.

Much of my other work is handmade chain or a combination of handmade chain links and other elements. This picture features my very first chain (Cat Sarcophagus) along with more recent pieces set on sterling silver backplate.

Nature inspires this freshwater baroque pearl design that I fashion at the bench in my studio.

Time stands still when I’m in my happy place.

Mark your calendar now for the second weekend in September. Come celebrate the 20th annual Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour where exceptional fare awaits to marry your discernment.

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