Tiny Backplate Bear Strong Shifts Me Into Another Season

As days fade into shorter, cooler ones, the joyous events of recent months give me pause for gratitude. Thank you to all who joined me at Amapola Gallery during my featured artist month, or stopped by the Sandia Heights Artists 20th Annual Studio Tour in September. 

My freshwater Baroque pearls, the ones I set in gallery wire and displayed on ballchain, sold out! My intention is that you have as much fun wearing your purchases as I did making them.

One of the most memorable moments of the SHA event occurred when a customer wearing my first-ever metal chain necklace with a labradorite pendant walked into the room. Déjà vu! It was so satisfying to have my art return for a visit. I could see just how much Nancy B. treasured her purchase. I live for these kinds of opportunities. 

My focus now turns to a series of tiny backplates. The smalls currently mesmerize me. Tiny Backplate Bear Strong, pictured here, began as a simple lapis cabochon that begged for more lapis. I added a protector bear and then two asymmetrical dangles of lapis beads. Satisfied with the charms, I called it complete. 

Lapis lazuli blue resonates somewhere deep in my soul. I positively love that color, which according to some beliefs brings inner peace. As a stone of royalty and spirituality, lapis is unparalleled. It’s also respected as a stone of self-knowledge and reflection. 

The next lapis creation, a polished chunk I’ve encased with large balled prongs, is nearly complete. Another tiny lapis cabochon awaits transformation on the bench. But I digress. 

My tiny backplates include other stones as well: a tiger eye, a moonstone, a faceted sapphire and a carnelian. It’s time to revive my practice, my 90-uninterrupted minutes in the studio. Making. For the moment, making tiny backplates.

What piece of personalized jewelry are you dreaming of that I can create for you? 

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