Heart Field Expands the Power of Handmade Chain

A product of two eclipses and years of waiting for perfect timing, Heart Field, an elegant necklace of handmade chain with a cuttlefish casting heart as its center, expressed fluidity and possibility.

After two strong shows, I had pressed pause. Now it was time to reconnect with inspiration, with making, making of a kind that makes my heart sing.

This made me wonder how might creative dynamism connect each of us to each other, to the Great Heart, and to the things that resonate as true for us? What IF we moved beyond where things look fixed? 

Heart Field captures the beauty of nature. Cuttlefish casting, a simple traditional metal casting method, honors the planet as it uses carved bone. No toxicity or pollution results from the technique which takes advantage of naturally occurring porous-like textures.

I carved my freeform heart into one side of the cuttlefish and then hollowed out a channel streaming into it as I wired both sides of the carving together. Finally, I poured the molten silver into the small hole eager to discover what form my mysterious creation would take.

Subtle texture from the cuttlefish winks in the light. My heart object formed itself with a deep flourish at its bottom, which was the top channel of the mold. Amazing! As I set aside the mold and fingered the new silver form on my workbench, I felt all was right with my world.

Pride welled as I studied the heart. Throughout my years of artistic expression, hearts have served as important symbols for me. Several of my themes for the year include hearts: Wholeheartedness, Threads that Spark Heart, Heart Play, and Ripples of a Guided Heart. Hand-stitched hearts have long been part of my card series. For All Seasons, a needlepoint canvas I finished in 2020 features a heart for each season.

On the last day of the tenth month 2023, I soldered round handmade chain links with the intention of completing a necklace that used my cuttlefish casting heart. It was time to birth a new, one-of-a-kind creation.

The airiness of these handmade chain links belies their strength and substance. Deep black patina reflects variations of light and shadow. I added the patina to the heart and beheld Heart Field.

What comes to your mind as you admire this casing? Could you celebrate your own song of self with Heart Field?

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