Sterling Silver Creation Likened to Moon Beams 

Moon Beams, a sterling silver creation rose magically from an afternoon of experimentation at open studio in December. 

Solstice and lengthening days sparked conversations of change. What would be different for me this day, I wondered? Out of curiosity I reached for a new tool, a tube cutter that adjusted to hold lengths of metal and allow for equal sizing.

Instead of soldering handmade chain links, I chose to play with tube spacers. From small circular cylinders of sterling silver, I sawed eight spacers and then stacked the grouping on wire headpins in order to space my flat metal segments. The result formed an interesting base for the lunar foundation.

The longer I contemplated the selection, the more I decided it represented the likeness of a full moon in these three ways: Rhythm, Reflections, and Radiant energy. Indulge me for a minute or two as I explain.

Rhythm speaks to the monthly phases and alignment of the moon. Consider how effective rhythm is in promoting the seasons, finessing timing for tides, and contributing in general to the flow of life. Moon Beam gave fresh rhythm to my work – while it is quite different in style from some earlier creative projects, it is similar in its impromptu evolution. (Read more here about an earlier impromptu creation, a theme for the year.)

I had no design in place. Rather, I selected the items that called to me and intuitively placed them in order, then experimented until the balance felt right. Instead of dismissing anything, I played with square wire, varied sizes of tube spacers, and unique components from the scrap pile, much like my friends do in creating collages from their scrap piles.

Reflections, like moon beams, are almost ethereal in their quest for reality. Slivers of light shimmer. Shadows beg to be explored. Some segments get suspended in light while others pulse in darkness.

A deep patina contributed to the mystery and allure of Moon Beam. So it is with the moon when clouds add emphasis to possibility. The end result is typically even more captivating than the expectation. 

A myriad of facets are involved in moon beams. Similarly, the caged Herkimer crystal amplifies and holds magical moon energy. The Herkimer has a distinct advantage of being positioned on the right side as the viewer observes. Yet, it hangs on the left side for a wearer, near the heart.

Maybe Solstice is a special time for you, celebrated with ceremony. A sterling silver creation such as Moon Beams could remind one of nature’s turning points, its natural rhythms. 

What surprises your eye in this creation?

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