Instant Connection — Handmade Chain Links Customer and Me

“It’s organic! Asymetrical. The patina is the best part!”

A prong-set moonstone on sterling silver backplate caught the attention of Cathy Z, a first time patron, at Albuquerque Old Town’s Amapola Gallery during a recent weekend. 

Shadow and light played across the asymmetrical chain links, and the faceted moonstone itself. A deep matte black finish caused the chain to shimmer. 

Cathy reached for an additional handmade chain from another shelf because its black links were contrasted with shiny silver connectors. She layered the choker length piece above the moonstone and admired her reflection in the mirror. “These pieces really call to me. I’ll give myself a birthday present.”

The instant connection with a loved item and subsequent impulsive purchase of it reminded me of my truth: “Treat yourself like someone you love!” Follow that invisible rule from Glennon Doyle, author of Love Warrior, and never regret a purchase. The resonance from connection is palpable and not to be ignored.  

The connection with my customer provided a moment of truth. My quest to surprise and delight is an ongoing part of my process and resonates with patrons over a lifetime. An accent piece has room to sparkle when a couple of handmade links connect to commercial chain.

Handmade chain is a visible reminder of my quest for the best possible presentation. Each trio of links is placed in its most optimal position. Does it drape well? Is it complementary to links on the other side of the neckline? Will it enhance the overall presentation?

Loving each part of a handmade chain into completion calls out my self-expression. As I part with my pieces, I honor the energetic connection that I establish with each customer. It’s the joy of handmade. 

You’ll find dozens of handmade treasures in my display at Amapola Gallery, 205 Romero Street NW. In addition to my jewelry, you’ll find the work of 40 different artisans in this 42-year strong coop gallery. We invite you to support local artists and small business in general. Open 10am – 5pm daily.

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