Mary Ellen Merrigan

I am profoundly amazed by the joy of making art. I discovered my own creativity in my 50s using beads, beading. For me, nothing matches the passion and excitement of working with beads. My art is beads/beading/embellishments and discovering ways to weave them together. As in business, intricate designs form meaningful alignments.

Beading (and beads) helped me to discover ‘the place of no pattern,’ a way in which you combine often disparate parts for a unique, impactful effect. Prior to beading, I’d been a dedicated needlepoint gal, embroidering on canvas, winning awards and crafting beautiful statement pieces, but always on someone else’s foundation. When I began designing and producing jewelry, I tuned into what made a necklace “pop”. Random placement, added points of emphasis, and experiments with color, morphed into a phenomenon I refer to as the “place of no pattern”.

Free form beading inspired me to make new marketing connections. Vintage African trade beads, for instance, helped me dig deeper to find stories of history, meaning and value. These beads, trace origins to African rituals and traditions and offer amazing colors, shapes and sizes. Trade beads, including glass trade beads, inspired a passion and movement for collecting beads in the U.S. from the 1960s.

My talent is synthesizing the randomness of beads so the place of no pattern is an unexpected presentation of joy in beading …and in marketing. Each unique trade bead with its own markings and haphazard irregularities contributes to the whole, as does every part of your situation. Bridging the language of marketing to creative thinkers, creators and co-creators comes naturally to me. We want the same thing – add beauty to the world, uplift the status quo and stand for our best ideas.

Co-creating with you is my passion. Together we confront a world of noise and clutter and shape communication that is your own. Strategy transforms our approach. My system helps you infuse your marketing plans with authenticity and punch. This is not about quantity: not the most messaging, followers, hits or likes. Rather, it’s about knowing where you choose to go and selecting the best method to get there. In the process, you captivate and uplift your audience.

Select the Place of No Pattern

As you open to the place of no pattern, you customize your situation and your message. Instead of following the latest quick fix, we frame systems you can manage, find ways in which your message can connect with more customers. In a messy, chaotic world, this authentic and organic implementation feels right.

What I now understand is my business acumen came from a career in the implausible field of selling air. Years of experience in the competitive world of broadcast advertising sales taught me to think on my feet and understand different types of business situations. Through gallery and show experience, my beads and wearable art helped frame a marketing perspective from a makers point of view. Now I translate marketing speak for creative thinkers.

Like a loving big sister, I mentor. I coach, cajole and hold you accountable as we progress toward your goals. Through the process I listen, distill information and help you prioritize the next steps. My innate ability to understand a multitude of businesses and recall details makes me a stronger ally. Our calls build as a result.

I’m happiest when I’m re-inventing the status quo and dealing with rapid change. Because of this innate ability, I’m comfortable enough in the chaos of not knowing to support makers to see opportunities, sort priorities and find the way most appropriate for you.

If it’s time to consider your future visibility, let’s talk. I look forward to helping you connect your head and heart in a way that positively impacts your audience for good.

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