My beading heart emerged in 2007. Suddenly beads and bead jewelry became as essential to my being as water and air.

The joy of handmade bead jewelry surpassed every other craft experience I’d known. The artform of beading spoke directly to my soul.

bead jewelry albuquerque - home

Until I discovered beading, I searched for my passion. Acknowledged, maybe you can relate to a relentless quest for knowledge that won’t let you rest. I wanted to absorb the history and culture of beads and how adornment impacted culture, fashion and lifestyle.

I developed an insatiable appetite for classes from local and national bead experts. In the process of discovering my own likes, dislikes and specialties, I played in a variety of mediums:

  • Bead stringing
  • Bead weaving
  • Bead embroidery
  • Bead embellishment
  • Beaded charms
  • Bead painting

You couldn’t find a bead I didn’t like. I created dozens of bead necklaces and bead bracelets. To share my enthusiasm I joined a local cooperative gallery and exhibited at various shows.

Handmade bead jewelry to capture your voice

Today I find myself drawn to vintage beads, African Trade Beads, leather and textures. I collect everything: a box of charms that simply inspires me, another container that could drive me to create story necklaces, a cache of magical totems and so on.

My little carriers of happiness live in storage containers sorted by color on a circular bookcase near my workbench. If you’re inspired by colors and textures, the you’d enjoy pulling out the “greens,” or staring at the special pearls, or running your fingers through the spacers.Bead Jewelry Albuquerque - containers

Beads let me play the chord of happiness. Mary Ellen Beads is a website and blog about my journey in making bead art and learning to market it. It’s as much about the inner expansion beads create for me as it is the outer expression of making adornment for others.

Please join my mailing list for Soul Juice, a newsletter about bead creativity. You’ll receive my Treasure Necklace e-book just for signing up. Follow my blog for more bead adventures. Welcome to bead jewelry by Mary Ellen Beads.

10 thoughts on “Bead Jewelry Albuquerque Romances Your Soul”

  1. marguerite rubin

    Your jewelry is awesome. I am looking forward to reading your Treasure Necklace e-book.

      1. Marguerite Rubin

        I enjoy reading your newsletter and admiring your beautiful jewelry. I need a little help, how do I locate your Treasure Necklace e-book? Thank you,

  2. Geraldine Thomason

    Hi Mary Ellen,
    I am taking your Druzzie Cuff class at Elinor’s on the 16th. I have two questions: (1) What size Nymo thread do you recommend? and (2) Where can I find the Super Thick Tacky Glue? I am only finding the Original Tacky Glue.
    I am looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Mary Ellen! I am trying to get in touch with Sue Gorman. Could you please help me? My phone number is 298-7759. I am having problems wth my land line, (answering machine) so if you miss me, would you mind calling again? I appreciate your help. When is the next bead blah blah? I’ve been tied down at home and couldn’t make any of the meetings. Maybe I could come next time. I’d love to see everyone. Thank you, Karen

  4. Barbara Marcus

    Hi Mary Ellen. Thank you so much for the wonderful class on Monday night – I have already made another one and love it!!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your waxed cotton and linen cord, please? I loved the colors that you used but have only found black and white locally. Please let me know and again, may thanks!

  5. Hi MaryEllen,
    My friend, Amy Sproul, told me about your beaded antlers. I am interested in seeing this work of yours. Could you forward me a picture or direct me to a site where I could view one? I live on a ranch near Mora and am in Albuquerque occasionally. If you have a gallery or scheduled show, please let me know.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Gayla Thal

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