Mary Ellen Beads creates a swwet 16 themed necklace.

Secrets of Compelling Resin Jewelry Necklaces

3 secrets of Compelling Resin Jewelry Necklaces Compelling resin jewelry necklaces start in unexpected ways. Time and again I’ve experienced giving the “perfect” gift. So, after several months in “resin heaven,” I’m declaring three secrets to creating compelling resin jewelry necklaces: Collect stuff Group, sort and rearrange Play Collect stuff. Those who prefer minimal will find secret …

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Make Smart Art Dolls

Nationally-known doll artist Yoka Roos-Huddleston introduced me to art dolls at the 2015 Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta. Her class combined beads, fabrics, yarns, threads, fibers, and more. Yoka talks about her art dolls as inspiration. Hats off! Her presentation idea expanded into fun experiences for me and my connections. In preparation for my vacation, I …

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The Collaborheartists stand in front of Studio Spirit, a group creative project.

Group Creative Projects Demand Consensus or Not

Group Creative Project Shows Consensus Group creative projects require a commitment of a different sort. Strong-minded, creative individuals must be willing to put ideas on the table for discussion. Compromise is involved. Creative direction becomes a collaborative affair. An instant gratification world honors the present with little regard for history. So it’s no surprise this …

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