Found Objects

Paraphernalia Tells a Story

Paraphernalia in any corner of your house can connect you with a memory. Hasn’t just a glance caused you to recall a snippet of conversation, a unique experience, or a special occasion? The same is true in my studio. A keeper of treasures, I find all manner of paraphernalia to be a contributor to projects. …

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Rant on Rivets

My love affair with metal continues and is enhanced with rivets, little eyelets, or wires, or pieces of metal that connect other metal pieces make my day. This whimsical necklace showcases the variety of my playful romance with silver, brass and copper (and, of course, beads): The patina of metal changes when dipped  into a …

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Rays of the Bear Clan

“When you are where wild bears live you learn to pay attention to the rhythm of the land and yourself. Bears not only make the habitat rich, they enrich us just by being.” -Linda Jo Hunter The ivory stylized bear, a gift from a studio mate, had lived silently in my stash for a couple …

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This is finished monarch butterfly from Mary Ellen Merrigan of Mary Ellen Beads.

Three Lessons of the Monarch

It wasn’t on my list to pour resin when Michele called about a perfect butterfly in early October. I resisted, reasoning the Little Mosaic boxes I was working on took creative precedence. “This perfect butterfly won’t last,” she reasoned. A silversmith, Michele McMillan  works beautiful, simple and thoroughly modern designs. Although I now refer to …

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