Mixed media

Once Upon a Flower Moon

“The earth laughs in flowers.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson This famous quote birthed my first sculptural formation. From the moment my mind conceived the idea, until the last petal was stitched in, I obsessed about my earth and its flower moon.   I wrapped two 16-gauge red brass wires around a circular cat toy, cut a square …

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Lariat Necklace Challenge

The challenge was simple: create a lariat necklace.  Creative Spirits, a monthly artisan group to which I belong, canceled meetings during the pandemic. For three of four months, a small contingency met via Zoom. The online option was less satisfying than meeting in-person because the tactile side of our creative ladies received little in the …

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Fragment Fabric Doll is Hope

Hope, my fragment fabric doll, grew out of a creative project during shelter-in-place. Encouraged by online peers in a Fragment Fabric class, I dared to experiment with a pattern I found tucked away in my curated fabric packet purchased from Lesley Riley. Lesley’s passion for fabric, my passion for beads, so it can be a …

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For All Seasons

A love of stitching creates an invisible thread that weaves us together. The Needlepoint Circle. From different backgrounds, places and occupations, we barely know each other, yet there is a deep bond formed from a tactile place, strengthened with a recognition of making. Needlepoint for all seasons. In monthly get-togethers at each others’ home, members …

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Homage to Lighting of the Torch

The pop of an acetylene torch in a metalworking studio makes an unmistakeable, scary sound. During my weekly open studio date, I’d sometimes hit the striker more than five or six times before actually sparking fire. Ahhhh. The frustration, embarrassment and shame.  Practice and persistence gradually improved my performance. My confidence grew and my performance …

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