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Sandia Heights Artists Studio Tour – Mary Ellen’s View

Guest Article by Claudia Mitchell, Sandia Heights Artist* What would you do with some pieces of zosite, some random beads and scrap silver or copper? Just give them to Mary Ellen Merrigan and she will make a unique piece of jewelry, embellish a found natural object or incorporate them into a wall hanging.  Her creativity knows …

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Creative Exploration

I use what if to list the possibilities and force me to think differently. The result is a rush of recognition. Creativity expands and my sense of joy expounds. What if I played with pearls? What if I created a series? What if I added elements of sterling silver? What if my handmade chain was a part …

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The Art of the Flit: Creativity Practices

At first beads were my primary creativity conduit. All of my creativity practices revolved around beads. Looking back, I can remember how one tiny (by today’s standards) plastic box contained all my bead supplies. Then I began to differentiate: seed beads, pearls, materials for bead embroidery, and special shapes for embellishments. There. Embellishments led me …

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Kumihimo Series Builds Skill

My recent project list included a kumihimo series. Kumihimo, gathered threads, refers to the Japanese art of combining cords or threads.  Although I’m mostly self-taught in the kumi arena, I have taken some classes. In early February, I enjoyed a Sugar Rush Kumihimo class presented by Rebecca Ann Combs of Design and What impressed …

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Working hands, Open heart

“When there is a crisis, let your heart pray, but let your hands work.” — John Kramer Friends and acquaintances alike describe a shelter-in-place that includes working hands gardening, gourmet cooking, collaging, crocheting, sewing, or other creative activities. Miranda July, a multi disciplinary artist talked about the value of resourcefulness in an interview about handling …

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From UFO to Completion

What happens to UFOs– UnFinished Objects– that may have once commanded your creative attention? A pair of sterling silver earrings languished unfinished in my workbox for months as I carried them from my house to a downtown studio and back again. During one visit, I pulled them out, added a piece of curved wire for …

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