Working hands, Open heart

“When there is a crisis, let your heart pray, but let your hands work.” — John Kramer Friends and acquaintances alike describe a shelter-in-place that includes working hands gardening, gourmet cooking, collaging, crocheting, sewing, or other creative activities. Miranda July, a multi disciplinary artist talked about the value of resourcefulness in an interview about handling …

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This collage from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque shows the different ways this reversible Kantha quilt vest can be worn.

Three “H’s” of the Kantha Quilt Class

Happy colors, history, hand-stitching: these three inspirations emerged from A Reversible Kantha Quilt Vest class experience. The word Kantha, pronounced (KAAN taa), means rags in Sanskrit. A Kantha stitch can also refer to a small straight running stitch in Bengali embroidery. Something about alliteration tugs at my heart. It resonates. I’m prompted to repeat it. Thus, …

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