Creative Exploration

I use what if to list the possibilities and force me to think differently. The result is a rush of recognition. Creativity expands and my sense of joy expounds. What if I played with pearls? What if I created a series? What if I added elements of sterling silver? What if my handmade chain was a part …

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This Barely There necklace by Mary Ellen Bead Albuquerque, shows the beauty of an overhand knot with pearls.

Overhand Knot, A Knot to Love (and Why)

Knots. Most people take knots for granted, with a nod to the fact that knots keep shoelaces tied, packages bound, and boats in place. Knotting dates to pre-historic times.It’s utilitarian, aesthetically appealing and symbolic: in Chinese artwork dating from several centuries BC; in Tibetan Buddhism (the Endless Knot);  Borromean Ring Knots – three intersecting circles …

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Knotted Pearl Bead Jewelry Beautifies and Satisfies

Adornment. Just as each person is different so too is the embellishment they choose. Throughout history (or herstory), women decorated with enhancements of necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets and ornamentation galore. My preference changes from one of substance to one of subtlety, depending on my mood. “Barely There launched from an experimentation with fiber and material. A …

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These ice resin earrings are perfect bead bling for the Holidays from Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

Bead Bling a Natural Part of Holiday Show

As a member of a co-operative gallery (I joined Amapola Gallery in 2013), my displays change and rearrange regularly. Plus, when items sell, displays accommodate the differences. On a quarterly basis, every artist changes position and the entire energy of the gallery shifts as a result. My presentation varies to accommodate new inventory, changes in seasonal …

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