soul of beading

Once Upon a Flower Moon

“The earth laughs in flowers.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson This famous quote birthed my first sculptural formation. From the moment my mind conceived the idea, until the last petal was stitched in, I obsessed about my earth and its flower moon.   I wrapped two 16-gauge red brass wires around a circular cat toy, cut a square …

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This necklace by Mary Ellen beads Albuquerque presents a way to string beads as art.

String Beads as Mindful Art

Details add depth, color and art, even if you simply string beads. The subtlest items can bring surprise and delight to a viewer. In a necklace as well as in life, uncommon elements support a greater vision. As a result, I encourage others to string beads as mindful art. This art-full necklace features the joy of green, …

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This Barely There necklace by Mary Ellen Bead Albuquerque, shows the beauty of an overhand knot with pearls.

Overhand Knot, A Knot to Love (and Why)

Knots. Most people take knots for granted, with a nod to the fact that knots keep shoelaces tied, packages bound, and boats in place. Knotting dates to pre-historic times.It’s utilitarian, aesthetically appealing and symbolic: in Chinese artwork dating from several centuries BC; in Tibetan Buddhism (the Endless Knot);  Borromean Ring Knots – three intersecting circles …

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