Empowering creative people to see their value

It’s been about three months since I first had a strategy conversation with you. The first few sessions were intense as I had many things to consider in my approach to art. Your email follow-ups to me after our conversations listed down the most important things which I needed to think about and resolve. Your lists were such a huge help. I kept notes from our talk, but without your clear, insightful bullet lists of things to pay attention to,  I would have fallen back into confusion. I found your advice and outlines so useful and encouraging.

Later, as a follow-up to my having an exhibition, you helped me to turn around a negative situation. Once again your advice and guidance completely shifted my perspective. You helped me identify how I could turn a disappointing situation into a positive and productive experience. You advised me to leverage an opportunity out of the closing day of my exhibit!  Upon that advice I created an event with ads in local media and newspapers.. Instead of a sad experience it became a celebration. Thank you so much!

Since March, I have continued to be more involved in using social media for self-promotion. In the past, it has taken me up to a year to secure another solo exhibition, but with your encouraging advice and my using social media more wisely, I already have an exhibition underway right now with another solo exhibition booked for next May 2018.

I am so grateful for your advice.  I believe that  because you are a working artist and astute business woman, you intuit many of the problems and hesitations artists feel regarding their work. Your understanding of how to use social media intelligently as an artist has been a special gift. Thank you so much.

You have my permission to use any of my comments to clients who would need your services should they wish to hear from a previous client.  I unreservedly recommend Mary Ellen’s service. If you follow through with your “homework” , the results will be more than worth the efforts. Mary Ellen has a true gift for empowering creative people to see their value and experience tangible rewards for their uniqueness.

Caroline Garrett Hardy|www.carolineghardy.com

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