Resistant to social media

To say that I’ve been resistant to social media is an understatement. I have a presence, as I’ve been told I must, but it has been piecemeal and unfulfilling. Mary Ellen changed all that with her tremendously valuable Strategy Session. In our first session she asked me a lot of questions, and listened very carefully to my goals, my preferences, where I was with social media, all of it. When we met again a few days later, I was astounded at how she had distilled what I said, what she researched on my current status, and her deep knowledge of social media. She helped me prioritize what was most important to ME, and gave me actionable and manageable steps to take. Although there was a lot (Mary Ellen is very thorough), she presented it in a way that I could work through it. And she gave me just enough education on Facebook and blogging ‘my two priorities’ so I can make good decisions. If you’re looking for someone who can help you create a SYSTEM out of the creative chaos of social media, Mary Ellen is the social media advisor for you.

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